BioMinE Consortium
Consortium Partners
  The consortium partners as they appear in the project listing are the following:

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1. BRGM, France
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BRGM is a French Public institution responsible for advice and expert assessments in geosciences. The principal missions of the BRGM Group are sustainable management of surface and sub-surface resources, protection of the geological environment from anthropogenic hazards and protection of mankind from natural geological risks. BRGM has been involved in R & D concerning management of geological information for several decades and has been able to adapt its initial calling and move towards a more global policy of mineral resource management. BRGM has taken this conceptual turn by facing up to the concerns associated with sustainable development, social policies and geopolitics.
The 2 following departments are involved in BioMinE:
     1. Environmental and Process Division
     2. Mineral Resources Division

Hosted by: BRGM - 3, avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 36009 - 45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France