This page provides an overview of references to BioMinE by organisations and media external to the BioMinE consortium.



BioMinE project referenced by Envinovation
BioMInE project referenced by IST World
Interview with Paul Jourdan "South Africa is Chile's largest trading partner in Africa",

Raul F. Campusano Droguett International Editor (Published in AREAMINERA, November 2005). 
(via R. Campusano's Blogspot)
Research News BGR Germany
Décember 2005
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Announcement in the IBS 2005 programme
September 2005
Les biotechnologies industrielles à l'offensive
L'Usine Nouvelle - July 2005, pp 84-89
BioMinE in the next newsletter of ESASTAP - ESASTAP News is the quarterly information bulletin of the European - South African Science and Technology Advancement Programme, published by the South African Department of Science and Technology
June 2005
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Research information of the KNAW - The Royal Dutch Academy of science
June 2005
BBC Radio 4 broadcast on biomining.
Series called ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’
June 2005
BBC Radio 4 broadcast (also BBC world) on biomining (May 2005)
Press release from the Society of General Microbiology (UK) resulted in research being highlighted in the following media website: NewsWales
In addition, short articles of our research were included in the internationals magazines Business Week and Frontiers.
KNF verder Nieuwbrief - Newsletter of KNF Laboratory
May 2005
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Announcement in the Securing the Future 2005 conference programme
May 2005
BioMinE to be included in ETP SMR - Draft report on the industry meeting for establishing the European Technology Platform Sustainable Mineral Resources
April 2005
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Annual report 2004 Skelleftea Community
April 2005, p 26
( )
NESMI's Mining Industry research Handbook 
March 2005, p 71
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Publication World Mining at All
March 2005
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Research information of the French ministry of industry
March 2005
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Newsletter of the French Embassy in Israel
March 2005
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BBSRC business - The quaterty magazine of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
January 2005, p 8-9
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Process - News and Trends of the Nordic processindustry
January 2005 - p 19


ASEM Workshop on EU/ASIA S&T Coordination on Clean Technologies
Programme of the workshop
Hanoi, Vietnam, 3-6 november, 2004
(PDF - 213 KB)
Hosted by: BRGM - 3, avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 36009 - 45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France