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Mintek Annual report 2006
Technical review
Les éco-technologies - Des procédés innovateurs respectueux de l'environnement
Le Journal d'information du BRGM - Géorama n°18 - December 2006
(in French via
BioMinE : integrated project for the development of biotechnology for metal-bearing materials in Europe
D. Morin ; A. Lips ; T. Pinches ; J. Huisman ; C. Frias ; A. Norberg ; Eric Forssberg
Online paper abstract
Kupfer aus Biologischem Abbau
Financial Times Deutschland- pp33
December 11th, 2006
BioMinE - Biotechnologies for metal bearing materials in Europe
Perspective - PE Consulting Group Newsletter Issue 3 - September 2006

Kin, Przyszłość w biotechnologiach, Dziennik Zachodni
M. Polok

PE Consulting Group - Newsletter Issue 3
July 2006
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Biotechnologie W Zastosowaniu Do Europejskich Zasobow Surowcow Metalosnych
Instytut Metali Niezelaznych W 6 Programmie Ramowym UE. - Projekt BioMinE
A.Chmielarz, K.Wesolowska,
Rudy i Metale Nieżelazne, R.51/2006 nr 3, p163-164, 2006 (in Polish)
ReporTerre n°13 - Journal of Information of BRGM (internal use)
March 2006
Minerals Engineering International
February 2006
(via MEI online)
Biological sulfate reduction at low pH for metal separation
PhD summary Martijn Bijmans - Wageningen University
January 2006
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