BioMinE Products

The following tables show the list of deliverables dedicated to the RTD activities during the project.




Level of dissemination
DI.1 Interim report on resource treatment and transfer from WP1 across WP2 and WP3, towards WP4
(Report summary - PDF file - 43 KB)
Confidential with public summary
DI.2 Characterisation of "specific resources proposed by partners" and preparation
for process evaluation

(Report - PDF file - 649 KB)
DI.3 Finalised initial database on resources for biotechnological metal extraction
(Report summary - PDF file - 33 KB)
Confidential with public summary
DI.4 Interim report on the continuous decision support recommendations on integrated sustainability of processes and process-chains under development
(Report summary - PDF file - 77 KB)
Confidential with public summary

Report on macro-economic analyses of the Cu, Zn, Au (Pb, Ag, Ni) industrial sectors in Europe in their global context

DI.6 Report on case-study comparison of mining activities in the context of the regional development (Iberia vs Balkans vs Scandinavia)
(Report - PDF file - 5 175 KB)
DI.7 Results of sustainability assessment
Confidential with public summary
DI.8 State-of-the-art of management of wastewater and tailings in processes relevant to BioMinE
(Report - PDF file - 204 KB)
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