BioMinE Products

The following tables show the list of deliverables dedicated to the RTD activities during the project.




Level of dissemination
DIII.1 Report on the characteristics of microbial communities in AMD-affected area's
(Report - PDF file - 1 001 KB)
DIII.2 Interim report on results of continuous bench scale tests with known acidophilic bacteria
(Report - PDF file - 313 KB)
DIII.3 Interim report on alternative electron donors for sulphate reduction and on sulphide oxidation by photonic bio-activity
(Report summary - PDF file - 55 KB)
Confidential with public summary
DIII.4 Expected mass flows, composition and samples of the solids produced by the effluent treatment techniques
(Report summary - PDF file - 93 KB)
Confidential with public summary
DIII.5 Interim report on the assessment of the viability of the bioflotation and
biocoagulation processes

(Report - PDF file - 421 KB)
DIII.6 Report on ecotoxicity of biotechnological and classical effluent treatment
(Report summary - PDF file - 137 KB)
Confidential with public summary
DIII.7 Working prototype of continuous ecotoxicity measurements device using laser light Confidential
DIII.8 Report on the continuous bench scale testwork with extremophilic microorganisms
(Report summary - PDF file - 45 KB)
( DIII.8 combined with DIII.9)
Confidential with public summary
DIII.10 Report on the biotechnology based effluent polishing techniques for commercial operation Confidential with public summary
DIII.11 Report on metal precipitation processes in industrially applied biological processes Confidential with public summary
DIII.12 Report on bioflotation and coagulation processes
(Report summary - PDF file - 42 KB)
Confidential with public summary
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