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This page provides an overview of publications from members of the BioMinE consortium. The presented work has been carried out in the framework of BioMinE. 



New protocol for the rapid quantification of exopolysaccharides in continuous culture systems of acidophilic bioleaching bacteria
Michel C., Bény C., Delorme F., Poirier L., Spolaore P., Morin D. d’Hugues P.
Applied Microbiological Biotechnology. 2009

New developments in indirect bioleaching of zinc and lead sulphide concentrates
Frias C. Carranza F., Sanchez F., Mazuelos A., Frades M., Romero, R. Diaz G., Iglesias N.
6th International Symposium on Hydrometallurgy, August 17-21, 2008, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Regulation of a novel Acidithiobacillus caldus gene cluster involved in reduced inorganic sulfur compound metabolism
Olena I. Rzhepishevska, Jorge Valdés, Liucija Marcinkeviciene, Camelia Algora Gallardo, Rolandas Meskys, Violaine Bonnefoy, David S. Holmes and Mark Dopson
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73 (22): 7367-7372
Characteristics of Ferrimicrobium acidiphilum gen. nov., sp. nov., and Ferrithrix thermotolerans gen. nov., sp. nov.: heterotrophic iron-oxidizing, extremely acidophilic Actinobacteria
Johnson, D.B., Bacelar-Nicolau, P., Okibe, N., Thomas, A. and Hallberg, K.B.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology: in press
"Bioshrouding" a novel approach for securing reactive mineral tailings
Johnson, D.B., Yajie, L. and Okibe, N.
Biotechnology letters 30:445-449
Effect of sulfide removal on sulfate reduction at pH 5 in a hydrogen fed gas-lift bioreactor
Bijmans MFM, M Dopson, Ennin F, PNL Lens & CJN Buisman
J Microbiol Biotechnol: 18
Bacterial Phylogenetic Diversity in a Constructed Wetland System
Nicomrat D, WA Dick, M Dopson & OH Tuovinen
Soil Biol Biochem 40: 312-321

Surface thermodynamics and extended DLVO theory of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans cells adhesion on pyrite and chalcopyrite
Annamaria Vilinska and K. Hanumantha Rao
In: Proc. Konference i Mineralteknik, Luleå, 2008, MinFo, Stockholm, pp. 179-193.

Bioflotation and bioflocculation of relevance to minerals bioprocessing
K. Hanumantha Rao and S. Subramanian
In: Microbialprocessing of Metal Sulfides, Book Chapter : E. Donati and W. Sand (Eds.), Springer, 2007, Chapter 14, pp. 267-286.
Study on the possibilities to use ashes, EAF dust and lime sludge as neutralizing agent in bioleaching
Chandra Sekhar Gahan, Maria Lucelinda Cunha and Åke Sandström
The Open Mineral Processing Journal 2008
Comparative study on different steel slags as neutralizing agent in bioleaching
Chandra Sekhar Gahan, Maria Lucelinda Cunha and Åke Sandström
(in press, Hydrometallurgy doi:10.1016/j.hydromet.2008.05.042
Oligonucleotide microarray to monitor the prokaryotic diversity of extreme acidic environments, its validation by comparison with other molecular ecology techniques
Garrido, P., González-Toril, E., García-Moyano, A., Moreno-Paz, M., Amils, R., Parro, V.
Environmental Microbiol. 10: 836-850
Evaluation of Leptospirillum spp. in Rio Tinto, a model of interest to biohydrometallurgy
García-Moyano, A., González-Toril, E., Moreno-Paz, M., Parro, V., Amils, R.
Hydrometallurgy, DOI 10.1016/j.hydromet.2008.06.046
Construction of arsB and tetH mutants of the sulfur-oxidizing bacterium, Acidithiobacillus caldus by marker exchange
van Zyl, L.J., van Münster, J.M., and Rawlings, D.E.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008
A family of plasmids (29-66.5 kb) with a 26 kb common region is present in different strains of the sulfur-oxidizing bacterium, Acidithiobacillus caldus
van Zyl, L.J., Deane, S.M., Louw, L. and Rawlings, D.E
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008
Leptospirilli from different continents have acquired related arsenic resistance transposons
Kloppers, A., Larmuth, K., Deane, S.M. and Rawlings, D.E.
Hydrometallurgy 94 (2008) 170-174
Application of biosurfactants and non-ionic surfactants for removal of organic matter from metallurgicla lead-bearing slime
Chmielarz A., Czaplicka M.
(accepted, not published yet) Journal of Hazardous Materials
Characterization, morphology and composition of biofilm and precipitates from a sulphate-reducing fixed-bed reactor
E. Remoundaki, et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 153, Issues 1-2, 1 May 2008, Pages 514-524
Precipitaion of Cu-Sulfides by Copper-Tolerant Desulfovibrio Isolates
Karnachuk OV, Sasaki K, Gerasimchuk AL, Sukhanova O, Ivasenko DA, Kaksonen AH, Puhakka JA and Tuovinen OH
Geomicrobiology Journal 25:219-227, 2008

Exopolysaccharides produced by acidophilic bioleaching bacteria in laboratory-scale continuous stirred reactors: extraction, quantification, and correlation to bacterial activity. Final draft under preparation
C. Michel, C. Beny, F. Delorme, L. Poirier, P. Spolaore, D. Morin, P. d’Hugues

Sulfobacillus benefaciens sp. nov., an acidophilic facultative anaerobic Firmicute isolated from mineral bioleaching operations
D. B. Johnson, C. Joulian, P. d’Hugues and K. B. Hallberg
Extremophiles. Springer Japan
ISSN 1431-0651 (Print) 1433-4909 (Online) DOI 10.1007/s00792-008-0184-4
Continuous bioleaching of a pyrite concentrate in stirred reactors: Population dynamics and exopolysaccharide production vs. bioleaching performance
P. d'Hugues, C. Joulian, P. Spolaore, C. Michel, F. Garrido and D. Morin
Hydrometallurgy (in Press)
Mesophilic leaching of copper sulphide sludge
V.Cvetkovski, V.Conić, M.Vuković, M.Cvetkovska
Journal of Serbian Chemical Society, 2008 in press
Microorganisms in flotation and flocculation of mineral – an overview
Annamaria Vilinska, K. Hanumantha Rao and K.S.E. Forssberg
In: Proc. XXIV Int. Miner. Process. Congr., 24-28 September 2008, Beijing – Plenary paper in press.
Biogeochemistry of a Hyperacid and ultraconcentrated pyrite leachate in San Telmo mine (Iberian Pyritic Belt, Spain)
Sanchez-España, J., González-Toril, E., López-Pamo, E., Amils, R., Diez-Ercilla, M., Santofimia-Pastor, E., Sanmartín-Uriz, P. Water, Air and Soil Polution,
Chemical-Biological removal of organic compounds from shaft slime
Wesołowska K., Chmielarz A., Czaplicka M., Fijałkowska A., Czarnul J.
Proceedings of the Conference "Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgy” , Poland, Krakow, October 19-21, 2008
Arsenite oxidation by a chemoautotrophic moderately acidophilic Thiomonas sp.: from the strain isolation to the gene study
Katia Duquesne, Aurélie Lieutaud, Jeanine Ratouchniak, Daniel Muller, Marie-Claire Lett and Violaine Bonnefoy
Environmental Microbiology (2008) 10 (1) 228-237
Effect of temperature on bioleaching of chalcopyrite concentrates containing high concentrations of silver: opposite rules apply
Johnson, DB, Okibe, N., Wakeman, K and Liu Y
Hydrometallurgy 94-2008 (selected paper from the International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium,2007)
Carbon, iron and sulfur metabolism in acidophilic micro-organisms
Johnson, D.B. and Hallberg, K.B.
Advances in Microbial Physiology in October 2008 54:201-255, October 2008
Biological iron oxidation and sulfate reduction in the treatment of acid mine drainage at low temperatures
Kaksonen AH, M Dopson, O Karnachuk, OH Tuovinen & JA Puhakka
In: Psychrophiles: from biodiversity to biotechnology. Margesin R, F Schinner, J-C Marx & C Gerday (Eds.). Springer-Verlag.
High rate sulfate reduction at pH 6 in a pH-auxostat submerged membrane bioreactor fed with formate
Bijmans, M.F.M., Peeters, T.W.T., Lens, P.N.L., Buisman, C.J.N.
Water Research 42 (10-11), pp. 2439-2448, 2008
Visualization of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans biofilms on pyrite by atomic force and epifluorescence microscopy under various experimental conditions
Mangold et al.
(in press), Hydrometallurgy
Novel combination of atomic force microscopy and epifluorescence microscopy for visualization of leaching bacteria on pyrite
Mangold et al.
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74(2): 410-415, 2008
Desulfotomaculum alcoholivorax sp. nov., a moderately thermophilic, spore-forming, sulfate-reducer isolated from a fluidized-bed reactor treating acidic metal- and sulfate-containing wastewater
Kaksonen AH, Spring S, Schumann P, Kroppenstedt RM and Puhakka JA.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58: 833–838. 2008
Biological iron oxidation and sulfate reduction in the treatment of acid mine drainage at low temperatures
Kaksonen AH, Dopson M, Karnachuk O, Tuovinen OH and Puhakka JA.
In: Psychrophiles: from Biodiversity to Biotechnology, Eds. Margesin R, Schinner F, Marx J-C and Gerday C. Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 429-454. 2008
Silicate Mineral Dissolution During Heap Bioleaching
Dopson M, Halinen A-K, Rahunen N, Boström D, Sundkvist J-E, Riekkola-Vanhanen M, Kaksonen AH, Puhakka JA.
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 99 (4): 811-820. 2008
Reverse osmosis removal of arsenic residues from bioleaching of refractory gold concentrates
B.K.C. Chan and A.W.L. Dudeney
Minerals Engineering 21 (2008) 272–278
Modeling of Ferrous Iron Oxidation by a Leptospirillum ferrooxidans-Dominated Chemostat Culture
Jan-Eric Sundkvist, Chandra Sekhar Gahan, Åke Sandström
Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol. 99, No. 2, February 1, 2008
Application of biosurfactants and non-ionic surfactants for removal of organic matter from metallurgical lead-bearing slime
Czaplicka M., Chmielarz A.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 2008, July 11.
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