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Workplan and Publishable Activity Report
The following document contains an excerpt of the Description of Work of the Integrated Project Proposition BioMinE as prepared and presented to the European Commission during the negotiation in 2004. The general content, participant list, and outline of work are subject to change.

BioMinE Workplan 2004-2005 (excerpt of public version)
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BioMinE has been a very productive project in many aspects of a field that is still unsifficiently recognized at industrial scale and not so well known from the largest audience. It has opened the road to a new perception of the exploitation of the mineral resources in Europe. It has particularly demonstrated that the analysis of the issue of searching for a reduction of the import of base metals could be approached in two converging directions. One was from the geological resources point of view and the other from the processing technologies one. At the crossing point of the two rationales, new concepts could come up. BioMinE did show which biohydrometallurgical technologies would be relevant to European mineral resources for extending the potential of production of metals in this region. Fundamental and applied research has given more substance to the credibility of biohydrometallurgy in general because participants have been able to significantly improve knowledge and know-how in this area.

Finally, the results of the project support the idea that mining operators should seriously consider biohydrometallurgy for the processing of metal-bearing minerals as a real opportunity for a more profitable exploitation of European resources in a more sustainable way than ever. A network of higly qualified organisations across Europe is ready to provide a pertinent expertise for fostering their needs in this matter.

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