BioMinE Project Structure
WP0 - Coordination

Coordinator: Dominique H.R. MORIN - BRGM

The BioMinE project will require particular attention by the Consortium to overall management and coordination. An appropriate management framework will link together all of the project components. Communications will be maintained with the Commission on behalf of all partners. All IPR issues will be handled and matters relating to Exploitation, covered under WP5, will be monitored. 

The General Coordinator will undertake responsibility for monitoring the overall scientific content of the work to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standards and that relevant scientific information is disseminated between all of the researchers. six Work Packages have been identified.

Each has a Coordinator responsible for its performance, for ensuring that the work of the partners within their respective package is effectively coordinated, as for ensuring the harmony between the different work packages.

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