BioMinE Project Structure
WP6 - Training

Coordinator: Anders NORBERG - Skeria

Work Package 6, "Training" is going to work with the production of new web-based learning materials and tools, aimed at flexible use both in distance education, residential education and continuing training at the workplace. This is going to be achieved by making "Learning objects", which are a kind of digital content modules for learning, that can easily be reused and repurposed for different kinds of training and education.

Biohydrometallurgy is a cross-disciplinary field of knowledge, where mainly microbiology meets mineral engineering, but other disciplines are involved also as process and environmental engineering, geology, etc. The objects produced will be mainly at masters level. A test course using a first version of the objects will be run in the project, and the objects will be made available on open-source-basis in global repositories of learning objects. Education solutions will be essential in the exploitation process also - if the project succeeds, there will be a growing demand for education and training in the field for implementing new technology in Europe.

The partners are going to work inside fields of their expertise producing the building blocks of interdisciplinary understanding as learning objects. 

A portal module of more popular nature for orientation purposes
will also be made - as well as three different applied modules, where it is possible to work together with others around existing and new processes and essential factors in biohydrometallurgy.

As a complement a database will be made - with the terminology of the field defined and linked to resources.

Multi-language functions for essential terminology will also be tied to this.

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